Individual investment solutions

Aquarium Investments provides a wide range of services in the field of individually tailored investment solutions.

Personalized investment portfolio allows incorporating individual client requirements and constraints into portfolio structure by selecting appropriate asset classes and instruments.


  • Propose different financial solutions
  • Conduct required analysis and calculations 
  • Select appropriate market instruments
  • Conduct market research
  • Regularly report performance metrics
  • Provide consulting

How asset management works? 

The mechanism of asset management is clear and straightforward. First of all, for asset management to start a portfolio client needs to open an investment account in a bank of his choice. Then, an agreement is signed and asset management mandate is granted, as a result of which Aquarium Investments has the right to execute trades on client’s investment account. Asset management agreement is signed directly for investment account, on which Aquarium Investments can trade financial instruments. Information on other accounts in the same bank is unavailable to the managing company. 

After discussing the client’s preferences, a suitable investment strategy is created. Trades on an investment account are executed by Aquarium Investments in accordance with agreed investment strategy. If the client is willing to participate more actively in the management of the account, then a more detailed discussion on separate trades is possible.  

Aquarium Investments executes trades on behalf of a client through brokers in a bank, where the client has an investment account. After the broker receives an order, he finds a counteragent for a final execution. Then, the order goes to depositary, where the final settlement takes place.  

In every depositary, there is a system of account segregation, so that the client’s investment account is segregated from the pool of custodian bank’s accounts. As a result, client’s assets are safe, no matter what happens to custodian bank or managing company. At any moment, the client can request access to his assets in a depositary.   

Information about partner banks

Aquarium Investments has capability to offer its services in almost any country and financial institution. At the moment, we have a partner network with the following institutions: 

  • Interactive Brokers - as one of the largest authomatized brokers in the US, Interactive Brokers executes almost 700 thousand trades per day, with active operations on futures, options, stock and bond markets worldwide. With more than $6.4bn in own capital as of the end of 2017, the company is 83.4%-owned by the senior management and affiliated owners. Company's stock is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.
  • Julius Baer Group - headquartered in Zurich and present worldwide, Julius Baer Group is  among the largest publicly listed private banking groups in Switzerland. Group's key business segments include wealth management, investment advisory and services, security custody and financing services.
  • Pictet - founded in 1805 and owned by the manager partners throughout its history, The Pictet Group is among the leading European banks specializing in asset and wealth management. With more than EUR 426 billion in assets under management or custody as of the end of 2017, the bank is present worldwide.
  • Sparkasse Bank Malta is a credit institution under regulatory supervision of the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). Its key areas of operation are comprised of private banking, wealth management, investment support and security custody services. Sparkasse Bank Malta forms part of Erste Group Bank AG, one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe headquartered in Austria.
  • Bank of Georgia is a leading Georgian bank with a 34.4% market share (based on assets) as of June 30, 2017 and is engaged in a broad range of retail banking, corporate banking and investment management services. The bank is listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. Bank of Georgia has credit ratings from global rating agencies: ‘Moody's: ‘B1/Ba3’ (foreign and local currency), Fitch Ratings: ‘BB-’ (long and short term issuer default ratings); outlooks are ‘Stable’.

Name Headquarters
financing availability
representative offices
Account setup time
Available for trading
RECOMMENDED  Minimum Deposit
Interactive Brokers
Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
- - Starting from 10 working days
Futures, options, stocks, ETFs, Forex, bonds
100 000 EUR
Julius Baer
Zurich, Switzerland
+ 51 office in 29 countries
From 2 to 8 weeks
Physical precious metals, futures, options, ETFs, bonds, Forex
1 000 000 EUR
Pictet Geneve, Switzerland
+ 27 offices in 17 countries Approx. 1 month
Bonds, futures, options, stocks, ETFs, Forex 2 000 000 EUR
Sparkasse Bank Malta
+ Malta
Starting from 2 months
Bonds, stocks, ETFs, Forex 2 000 000 EUR
Bank of Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia
United Kingdom, Israel, Hungary, Belarus
Starting from 2 weeks
Bonds, futures, options, stocks, ETFs, Forex 400 000 EUR

Relationship between a client and Aquarium Investments

There are several stages of setting up relationship between a client and Aquarium Investments:
  1. The client and Aquarium Investment reach an agreement on the amount of investment, investing period, and investment strategy. 
  2. The client choses the financial institution for opening an account and signing the trilateral agreement between the parties involved. This agreement allows the company to execute the following operations: trading certain types of assets, writing down commissions, and withdrawing funds to current account on client’s request. We have established strong business relationships with certain Latvian banks, so that terms of opening an account can be more cost-efficient.  
  3. After information on client’s professional activity and the source of funds is provided, a package of required documentation establishes the relationship between the client and Aquarium Investments: 
    Individuals legal entities
    Identification document: a valid passport or National ID card;
    Full package of company foundation documents, including Registration Certificate, Articles of Association etc.;
    Visa if the Client non-resident is visiting our office in Riga and who is the resident of the countries with which Latvia maintains a visa regime;
    Documents certifying the ownership;
    Application form for status allocation;
    Documents, confirming the authority to represent company e.g. a Power of Attorney, Extract from the Enterprise Register, Resolution, Minutes of Meeting etc.;
    Individual Management agreement.
    For companies incorporated more than a year ago: Certificate of Good Standing or an equivalent document, certified by the Apostille;

    Identification document a valid passport or National ID card of Company`s manager and beneficiary;

    Application form for status allocation;

    Individual Management agreement.

  4. After all the documents are submitted, and the agreements are signed including the letter of trust and investment declaration, the client allocates the funds to an investment account. Usually the procedure takes up to 11 days, but for an additional fee banks offer a fast-track account opening in 1-2 days. 
  5. Depending on market conditions and client’s preferences, we start building the investment portfolio. Client is the sole owner of the account, which means he has access to it at all time.  
  6. Aquarium Investments manages the portfolio and provides regular reports on portfolio’s performance. Our staff also provides regular insights into the portfolio’s performance and research at client’s request. At the end of asset management agreement, we provide the final performance report and information on the performance fee in the case on positive returns. In case the client wishes to terminate the agreement, an application for funds withdrawal is required. Then, we sell portfolio assets at market prices and transfers the funds to current account. The application has to be provided no later than five working days before the agreement is expired or the supposed day of withdrawal. After the application is submitted, Aquarium Investments calculates the unpaid fees and sends the information to client for approval. Funds’ transfer to current account only takes place after client’s acceptance. In case the client fails to submit the application, the period of asset management agreement automatically extends to one year.  

Information on the state of investment account is available at any time in the form of access to the account via internet bank. Also, Aquarium Investment offers proprietary quarterly reports. It is for the client to decide on how and when he is willing to receive the report.